We are virtualisation and cloud experts

Working with our partners, ViCoS understands the everyday pressure IT is under to deliver more, deliver faster and at lower costs.

We can support your business through our team of qualified Senior technical consultants and architects, our expertise in both Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) and End User Compute (EUC) and through years of experience where we have designed and implemented complex environments.

We have a variety of partners with which we work and we pride ourselves in being platform agnostic and finding the most suitable solution for our clients, and our partners respect that model.

The benefits of our partners’ technologies are vast and proven. ViCoS combines technology expertise along with professional services to design and deploy sophisticated virtualisation and cloud solutions to meet the technical and business needs of our customers and our partners’ clients.

Every business can reduce costs and energy consumption, increase agility, improve their business continuity without jeopardising control and security. Realising the full benefits of our partner’s technologies means utilising it for maximum impact, and this is why we are partners with...

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Vicos partners

Vicos partners



Vicos partners