Professional Services


A VMware Virtualization Assessment gives you a clear view of server consolidation opportunities within your existing physical IT infrastructure. We assess your current server landscape to determine your potential costs and savings and better prepare you to roll out VMware vSphere™.

ViCoS Virtualization Assessment Datasheet - (PDF icon Adobe PDF, 409Kb)


Good planning leads to better outcomes. A VMware Certified Professional will plan and design a VMware vSphere™ implementation to meet your needs for server consolidation and server containment. At the end of the engagement, you will have a comprehensive logical architectural design for VMware vSphere that addresses your requirements, and leverages VMware best practices.

Plan and Design for VMware vSphere - (PDF icon Adobe PDF, 393Kb)


The VMware vSphere™ Jumpstart provides you with a proof-of-concept on-site configuration and knowledge transfer using VMware ESX™ and VMware vCenter™

VMware vSphere Jumpstart - (PDF icon Adobe PDF, 370Kb)

This consulting engagement provides an on-site proof-ofconcept configuration and knowledge transfer of VMware ESX™ and VMware vCenter™ best practices, as well as physical to virtual (P2V) migrations using VMware vCenter Converter. This jumpstart adds physical to virtual migration activities to the VMware vSphere workshop to maximize your time and dollars.

VMware vSphere with P2V Migration Jumpstart - (PDF icon Adobe PDF, 367Kb)

VMware® offers a menu-based set of physical to virtual (P2V) services and tools that enable customers to realize savings from VMware products significantly more rapidly and cost-effectively than they can on their own. By migrating physical systems to virtual machines two to three times faster and at a fraction of the cost of more traditional methods, VMware delivers tangible value to our customers. From hundreds of desktops to 10,000 or more servers, VMware can deliver the services you need to rapidly and cost-effectively architect and manage P2V migrations, complete with change management, application validation, and auditable accountability.

P2V Acceleration Services - (PDF icon Adobe PDF, 970Kb)

Customers who want to upgrade from VMware Infrastructure 3 to VMware vSphere™ 4 will be interested in the VMware vSphere Upgrade Service. An experienced VMware Certified Consultant will come to your site and upgrade up to three ESX hosts, one VMware vCenter™ Server and 25 virtual machines.

VMware vSphere Upgrade - (PDF icon Adobe PDF, 393Kb)


You've made a significant investment to virtualize your computing environment - let an expert help you get the most from your investment. Virtualization touches many aspects of your data center such as servers, networks and storage, and the organizations and processes that control them. A VMware® Certified Professional consultant will work with your team to understand your unique environment and provide guidance on the current best practices for configuring and managing VMware vSphere™. Working together with your team, the consultant will review your VMware vSphere environment and provide concrete, actionable recommendations to optimize your virtual infrastructure.

VMware vSphere Health Check - (PDF icon Adobe PDF, 370Kb)