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ViCoS Services

Strategy and technical Roadmap

Strategically focus your product and technology investment decisions by developing technology roadmaps aligned with your needs.

  • Ensure your technical investments provide value by linking to future needs.
  • Improve your organization's ability to make investments in technology and product development that anticipate customers' unarticulated needs and leverage potentially disruptive technologies.
  • Identify products/services that best address current and future customer needs. Develop comprehensive technology strategies to guide the selection process.
  • Build technology roadmaps to direct innovative technical investments.
  • The immediate business need is to find a non-disruptive economical upgrade path.
  • The IT staff’s ability to maintain essential services must be preserved while undertaking the upgrade.
  • The business organization needs to have time to assimilate and learn to leverage new functionality introduced by the upgrade.

The longer term business need is to develop a strategy that maintains the advantage resulting from the hard effort invested during the upgrade. How does a small to mid sized company sustain its infrastructure so that it does not fall into deficiency in the future?

The key deliverables of our technology roadmap process are:

  • An assessment of the current infrastructure’s ability to meet current business needs.
  • A business context technology trends profile
  • .
  • An infrastructure architecture suitable for the trends profile.
  • An initial technology roadmap for achieving the architecture.
  • A reduction challenge against the initial and any intermediary roadmaps to realize the necessary and sufficient, i.e., most economical, architecture. (80% of the advantage for 20% of the cost and effort.)
  • Strategy milestones for investment protection and sustaining functional advantage over the long term.

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Technical planning & advice

Good planning leads to better outcomes. At the end of the engagement you will have a comprehensive logical architectural design of your infrastructure that addresses your requirements and leverages best practices.

  • Optimize your virtual environment.
  • Avoid implementation pitfalls that can stall or slow your deployment.
  • Accelerate realization of the benefits of virtualising your environment.
  • Provide a demonstration implementation to facilitate knowledge transfer.

The service begins with discovery and exploration into your use cases, and provides implementation guidance and more in-depth information regarding, installation and configuration tasks, day-to-day operations, and design verification tasks.

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User experience and design

This service will allow an organization to define, design and plan the target look and feel of a user’s end point (fat PC, thin PC, VMware View, Citrix etc) such that the experience is rich and the migration process to achieving that end point is minimized.

Whether you're implementing a proof-of-concept or scaling to production, we make it easy to deploy new applications, infrastructure resources and personality consistently across you enterprise users and desktops from one central console.

Additionally, we migrate existing data and settings from your physical PCs to your next generation desktop strategy.

We can help you provision new user settings and migrate select portions of existing enterprise Windows desktop environments. We can also extend the reach of IT staff by automating routine desktop management tasks such as creating application shortcuts, mapping drives, installing printers, and configuring Outlook profiles. The solution can also modify environment variables, adjust Internet proxy settings, configure RDP connections, and further customize client machines during user logon.

Administrators can gain productivity working on more important things, confident that the toolset is automatically configuring client machines to exact specifications at every logon.

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Customisation / Integration

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Platform transition

Our Platform transition service guides and steps you thorough the entire lifecycle of implementing and making operationally ready your infrastructure. The service will provide a controlled and coordinated sequence of activities designed to give you the quickest return on the investment made and realise the benefits of the requirements on which your business case was based on. The service is based on real world experience and industry best practice and designed in such a way that you do not fall into the multiple pitfalls that are all too common with implementing and integrating such a complex infrastructure into the fabric of your IT.

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Operational efficiency consultancy

This service helps lower the day-to-day costs of running IT, enabling IT resources and budgets to be shifted from tactical maintenance to strategic projects that can better create value for the business.

Benefits that can be realised:

  • Reduction of Service Failures – fixing problems faster, reducing unscheduled downtime over the course of the year, improving uptime to as high as 99.999 percent, to reduce the impact, frequency, duration, and cost of service issues, troubleshooting, out-of-hours support, and productivity loss.
  • Improved Staff Efficiency – increasing administrator efficiency, allowing a single administrator to manage a higher ration of servers.
  • Faster Service Deployment – allowing new systems to be deployed faster, reducing downtime, and improving time-to-market for new products and services From an operational process perspective, customers also need to understand how they can improve and better manage existing processes such as provisioning, chargeback, incident management, change management, back-ups and various other operational processes within the virtual infrastructure environment.
  • Finally, standardizing on Virtual infrastructure needs to be based on a phased and managed approach that focuses on incremental adoption. All customers attempting to scale and standardize on virtual infrastructure (including ITIL and process-oriented customers) face typical challenges that come with the organizational, infrastructure and operational transformation required across the enterprise to achieve the full value of virtualization. These challenges, to name a few, include - having to work with multiple LOBs—each with own objectives and processes, integrating the silos that exist even within IT, managing cross-functional processes on the new infrastructure, meeting security requirements, achieving regulatory compliance and managing the daily changes to infrastructure etc.
  • From an operational process perspective, customers also need to understand how they can improve and better manage, managed scaling and phased implementation of the different virtualization solutions for server consolidation, availability and disaster recovery across the enterprise. Our recommended approach ensures that organizations do not end up doing too much too soon or too little too late but instead chart a steady and managed course towards enterprise-wide standardization and higher levels of virtual maturity.

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Health check & design reviews

This service is designed to speed-up your time-to-market while maximizing your time and investment.

  • Speed time-to-implementation with an accelerated learning curve and knowledge transfer.
  • Mitigate risk by leveraging experienced consultants and proven best practices.
  • Best practices knowledge transfer.
  • Optimize your virtual infrastructure performance.
  • Mitigate risk by leveraging experienced consultants and proven best practices.

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Technical implementation consultancy


  • Accelerate your virtual machine deployment.
  • Mitigate risk by leveraging experienced consultants and proven best practices.
  • Provide a configuration workshop in your environment.
  • Standard on-site installation of up to two ESX hosts and one VMware vCenter Server.
  • Interactive workshop focusing on architecture, administration and operations.
  • Best practices and knowledge transfer.

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VMware Services IP helps you jumpstart your customer implementations, expand to new lines of business and integrate VMware into your customers' processes and organizational structure. Whether you are looking to provide server consolidation, business continuity, virtualization management or desktop virtualization solutions, VMware Services IP provides you with the tools and resources you need to be successful.

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Free 5 day audit

This service delivers a fast paced 5 day Virtualisation audit aimed at helping our clients, wherever they are on the maturity curve, to look at where the benefits from Virtualisation would come from and the best route map for getting there. Our 4 steps process involves:

  • A online assessment of your existing IT environment from a number of key perspectives.
  • Analysis and development of your gaps against best practice.
  • A mini-review of the key benefits areas for deployment of Virtualisation – desktop/server/storage/etc.
  • Report and face-to-face meeting to review findings and agree practical next steps.
Client benefits

Our team will provide your key stakeholders (technical, commercial and executive) with:

  • A high level understanding of current infrastructure maturity, gaps against best practice, risks and issues
  • Assessment of the size of prize and the steps needed to secure the benefits.
  • Practical next steps for the deployment of virtualisation options from some of the best experienced Virtualisation consultants in UK.