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ViCoS Case Studies

ADIA Case Study

Case Brief:
ADIA Case Study PDFA large Fund House based in the Middle East were looking to decrease the organisations ability to recover from a disaster from days to hours. The management team had decided to extend their existing VMware VI 3.5 infrastructure from development UAT systems to production systems. At the same time, the client required an upgrade of the virtual infrastructure from VMware 3.5 to VMware vSphere. Disaster Recovery was to be carried out using VMware’s Site Recovery Manager (SRM). It was envisaged that within a relatively short period of time the organisation would virtualise 95% of its Wintel estate with the remaining 5% to be virtualised the following year. (can we give a ball park on the number of servers?)

ADIA Case Study Full Version - (PDF icon Get Adobe PDF, 55Kb)

B&N Case Study

Case Brief:
ADIA Case Study PDFNHS Bradford & Airedale (B&A), a primary care trust in the northern England region was looking to provide a virtual desktop infrastructure for their 4,000 users located around the region. The majority of users are doctors and they all require a specialist application which holds patient records and provide medicinal information. B&A are looking to reap the following benefits from using virtual desktops:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Energy savings
  • Centralise desktop management
  • Maintain high availability
  • Reduce costs
  • Session mobility
B&A initially require a design and implementation for 600 concurrent users, and the design must be easily scalable to cater for all 4,000 users.

B&A Case Study Full Version - (PDF icon Get Adobe PDF, 55Kb)

MTN Cameroon Case Study

Case Brief:
ADIA Case Study PDFMTN Cameroon, a major South African mobile telecommunications provider in Cameroon was looking to virtualise desktops in their two Call Center locations to improve the operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, disaster recovery, session flexibility, power and space savings and minimise down time.

MTN have two call centres in Cameroon, one in Yaoundé and the other in Duoala. The call centres have up to 60 call centre agents in each location, where they work in shifts of 30 a time during the day and night. The users share the desktops and they do not have any assigned seating plan which sometimes causes a problem because data may be saved on the desktops. Day shift workers log off once the night shift workers arrive to take over the call centre responsibilities. In addition to this, each data centre have a number of team leads which requires dedicated desktops and which are not shared with the standard call centre users.

MTN Cameroon Case Study Full Version - (PDF icon Get Adobe PDF, 55Kb)

UBS Case Study

Case Brief:
ADIA Case Study PDFA large European Investment Bank engaged ViCoS to provide a two tier solution. Tier 1 was to design a robust, scalable and highly available virtualisation platform with which to virtualise their existing Wintel and Linux server estate.

Tier 2 was to increase operational efficiencies within the newly designed virtual environment to ensure the Bank not only met their obligation to the business by meeting existing SLAs but were also fully realising their return on investment.

The target size of the estate was approx 9000 servers spread across every continent.

UBS Case Study Full Version - (PDF icon Get Adobe PDF, 55Kb)